Top 5 Sports Injuries

Athletes can be injured in literally hundreds of ways, but at our Phoenix urgent care clinic, we see some injuries more than others.

Common sports injuries can be prevented, but if you or a family member has an injury, its important to get it checked out.

Here are five of the most common sports injuries:

Knee Injuries

It’s estimated that over half of all sports injuries involve the knee joint. Especially in high-impact sports like soccer, football and basketball, torn ligaments and cartilage are common. Additionally, endurance athletes like runners and cyclists can develop overuse injuries to the kneecap. To help prevent knee injuries, replace your shoes regularly and consider sports insoles for more support. Also, be sure to warm up properly.

Shoulder Injuries

Injuries to the shoulder are very common in swimming, weightlifting, baseball and volleyball. These sports all involve overhead movement. Over time, the shoulder’s rotatory cuff can actually loosen. The symptoms of this condition can include stiffness, pain and weakness. One of the best ways to prevent shoulder issues is to strengthen the muscles themselves with special exercises. Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful as a treatment for minor injuries.

Ankle Injuries

Ankle sprains and injuries are common in sports like basketball and soccer. Sports that involve a lot of running and jumping movements are especially likely to cause these kinds of injuries. Tendon and ligament problems are common. Fractures are possible and can be diagnosed with an X-ray. Home treatment of ankle injuries usually includes rest, ice, compression and elevation, as well as over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Lower Back Injuries

Especially for “weekend warriors”, lower back problems can be a real problem. Since many of us sit for hours every day, our backs may already be weak, somewhat injured or imbalanced. Participating in sports like running, golf, tennis and baseball can cause different kinds of back problems, from bulging discs and back spasms. A proper warm up can go a long way toward preventing back strains and injuries.

Pulled Muscles

Especially from lack of a proper warm up, painful pulled muscles can occur. Hamstring pulls are common, since these muscles are often tight in the general population. You can pull a muscle anywhere in your body, especially if you are not flexible in that area. It is important to let pulled muscles heal before returning to activity.

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