Flu Shot: Help Avoid Influenza This Season

Did you know that getting a flu shot can significantly help you improve your chances of staying well this fall and winter around Phoenix? It’s not a guarantee, but it’s often worth getting.

Like every year, the shot is designed to protect against the varieties of flu that are expected to be a problem this season. Influenza can cause serious complications, especially in the elderly and young children. It is recommended by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that everyone above 6 months old receives the shot.

Your body can require up to two weeks to build the immunity, so it is important to get the shot early to get the best results. You can still benefit if you’ve received that vaccine later in the flu season.

Flu vaccines aren’t completely effective as a guarantee. According to the CDC, a flu shot is about 65 percent effective in warding off influenza in all types of people combined.

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