5 Varieties Of Summer Allergies

Phoenix Allergies

Phoenix is known as an allergy capital of America. Although not everyone is affected, those who are can really suffer! The Phoenix metro area has a number of allergens that can cause symptoms, including sniffles and clogged nasal passages.

At Valle Del Sol (Urgent Care Phoenix), we treat allergy sufferers all the time. Here are 5 of the most common causes of summer allergies in Phoenix:

  1. Molds – While common year round, certain kinds of molds can be very troublesome in the summer.
  2. Poisonous Plants – While not as prevalent in the Valley, kids can still get into poison ivy. Be careful!
  3. Stinging Insects – Bees and wasp stings are painful, and, in a small percentage of the population, quite serious.
  4. Pollen – Pollen from ragweed is very common in Phoenix and Arizona.
  5. Dust – Though not limited to the summer months, dust, when mixed with the four allergens above, is even more of a problem for some.

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