5 Varieties Of Summer Allergies

Phoenix is known as an allergy capital of America. Although not everyone is affected, those who are can really suffer! The Phoenix metro area has a number of allergens that can cause symptoms, including sniffles and clogged nasal passages.

At Valle Del Sol, we treat allergy sufferers all the time. Here are 5 of the most common causes of summer allergies in Phoenix:

  1. Molds – While common year round, certain kinds of molds can be very troublesome in the summer.
  2. Poisonous Plants – While not as prevalent in the Valley, kids can still get into poison ivy. Be careful!
  3. Stinging Insects – Bees and wasp stings are painful, and, in a small percentage of the population, quite serious.
  4. Pollen – Pollen from ragweed is very common in Phoenix and Arizona.
  5. Dust – Though not limited to the summer months, dust, when mixed with the four allergens above, is even more of a problem for some.

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